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Buying a Refurbished Canon Copier

Purchasing a refurbished Canon copier will help you avoid that immediate drop in resale value, which happens the moment you take delivery of a brand new photocopier. With thousands of well-maintained copiers coming "Off Lease" and/or being repossessed monthly, purchasing a pre-owned copier may be your best choice.

We purchase our copiers selectively from wholesalers and leasing companies throughout Ontario and the American market. Being a border town provides Algoma Office Equipment with unlimited access to major American cities where we can hand pick the models best suited for our local market.

In most cases the price of a pre-owned copier, compared to a similar new model, is about 40% less. Considering the fact that the extended warranty is the same as that available on new model, plus a "Lemon Proof Performance Guarantee" it's no wonder many local businesses have gone with Canon pre-owned copiers.

Canon pre-owned copiers are always an excellent choice for a number of reasons, including the fact that our 6 Service Technicians are trained and experienced to service the pre-owned Canon models we offer. In addition, Canon's market share leadership for the past 10 years provides the largest source of equipment available anywhere.

Contact the Sales Department for More Information: 705.945.6061

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